9'49", Stereo, 2017

Director, image, sound, editing: Miguel Tavares
Production: Camila Vale, Miguel Tavares
Voice-over: Tomás Romero Talley
Music: funcionário

A lot of cameras have been placed to keep an eye on a house, some to observe the sky, others to watch the neighbours. There might be a lot of reasons to install one, but everyone wants to film a moment, an event that is different from the others. People want to capture the bank robbery.

Festival SOMA, FBAUL 2019
CINENOVA - Festival Interuniversitário de Cinema 2019
Simulacro no Charlot, Setúbal 2018
FUSO - Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa 2017
Meconio - Muestra de Nuevos Cineastas, Madrid 2017